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Ad-Free Pandora for free through 2013 on Windows Phone

Windows Phone
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03/21/2013 | 0 | Video

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General Description

We've taken what people love most about Pandora—that feeling of a personal radio station created just for you—and made it even better. Only Windows Phone gives you Pandora ad-free, for free—for all of 2013.

That means no breaks and no pop-ups—just song after song of the music you love.

Download the Pandora app for your new Windows Phone:

Most of you already know Pandora as a personal radio service that gives you access to the music you love anytime, anywhere. You just put in the name of one of your favorite artists and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks.

You're probably familiar with Pandora looking something like this. You've got your stations, your songs, but it mostly looks the same across all platforms. Until now.

Here's what sets Pandora on Windows Phone apart:

First, only Windows Phone lets you pin your favorite stations to your Start screen so you can get to your music faster.

When opening the Pandora app, you'll immediately see recent stations or check out new stations listed by genre. When you find a station you love, click it, go to settings, pin the station, and pin it to your Start screen.

From your Start screen, you can start playing with one tap, and you can pin any many stations as you want. You can also always glance down at the Live Tile to see what track is playing, without having to open the app or launch a separate player.

Second, and this one is a big one for parents, this is the first Pandora app to automatically filter out explicit content when launched in Kid's Corner. Kid's Corner is a unique feature on Windows Phone, which allows you to create a special screen within your phone with only the content and apps you want your kids to have access to.

When the Pandora app is launched from within Kid's Corner, explicit content is automatically blocked. So let your kids go from Raffi to Rihanna without worrying about them adding a new four-letter word to their vocabulary.

As you can see, Windows Phone delivers the best Pandora experience. It's the most personal, it's kid-proof, and it's ad-free for free for the rest of the year.