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Brad Anderson's Lunch Break / s6 e1 / PJ Hough, Chief Product Officer, Citrix

Microsoft Cloud
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08/01/2017 | 0 | Video

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General Description

Brad kicks of Season 6 with the PJ Hough, the Chief Product Officer at Citrix.

Brad and PJ talk about the work they are doing to support the work anytime/anywhere modern workplace, as well as what the Microsoft-Citrix relationship has in common with a gator farm, and how to evolve software and services at a pace that doesn’t leave customers behind.

They also discuss what makes a partnership (like the one between their two companies) successful over the long term.

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Next week, Brad and PJ wrap up their conversation while discussing how the skyrocketing power of mobile devices are changing how we work forever.

You can watch past episodes here: www