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Project Webcast: Cloud-based Innovation Management Captured with SharePoint Online

Microsoft Project
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03/10/2015 | 0 | Video

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General Description

Innovation Management is key for companies specializing in product development as well as those pursuing organizational development. Collecting relevant ideas from employees, aligning these ideas with the corporate strategy, and executing quickly on ideas chosen are critical factors to creating momentum and success. Next to the conventional on premises systems for Project Management solutions, the demand for software services in the cloud increases constantly.

Innovation management starts with capturing project ideas. This process is supported through Ideation – the new approach with Microsoft SharePoint Online and Project Online. This webcast describes the interplay between the cloud services to support the complete project life-cycle from idea creation to evaluation of project proposals and realizing approved projects. This leads to a close integration of innovation management and the management of product portfolios and ensures predictive decision-making as well as process compliance. The solution primarily focuses on increasing transparency and improving the interaction between different departments to be able to reduce the “time to market” and the corresponding costs by supporting the workflows along the value chain.

In addition we will show how to integrate an ERP system (in this example SAP) to enable controlling projects. A similar configuration therefore allows all involved users groups to use their respective software of choice, offers high flexibility and user acceptance, as well as supports cloud, hybrid or on premises environments. This approach is also applicable for managing all sorts of intake, for example IT demand management.

Does your company collect your employee’s innovations?