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Visio Webcast: Bring your data to life with Visio data connectivity

Microsoft Visio
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02/24/2016 | 0 | Video

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General Description

This session contains tools and techniques which can dramatically increase the understanding, efficiency, and productivity of Visio users, turning Visio Generalists into true Visio Power Users. In this session you will learn the following critical features:

Shape Data Repositories
Working with Shape Data
Adding Additional Shape Data Fields
Shape Text Fields
Understanding Data Providers
Configuring a Data Source
Attaching an External Data Source to a Visio Diagram
Attaching a Data Record to a Shape
Refreshing a Visio Diagram When the External Data Changes
Data Graphics Classes
Adding a Data Graphic Item
Positioning a Data Graphic Item
Working with Multiple Data Graphic Sets
Publishing Data Connected Diagrams To MS SharePoint as Visio Services
Understanding Where Automatic Updating Works and Where Re-Publication is Necessary
Presented by David Edson