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Visio Webcast: Interpret Complex Data - Connecting Live Data to Visio Diagrams

Microsoft Visio
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07/02/2013 | 0 | Video

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General Description

One of Visio's major strengths is that Visio diagrams are not just pictures. While a good Visio diagram is definitely "worth a thousand words," its value goes far beyond that because Visio shapes can contain any type of data. Even better than that, the data in a shape can be linked directly to an external data source so the contents of the diagram directly reflect real-world data values. In this session you will learn how to link diagrams to data and how to visualize data using text callouts, icons, progress indicators and charts, as well as how to automatically color shapes based on data values. The session will begin with an overview of five data-connected sample diagrams that you already have -- they are shipped with Visio -- and will continue by demonstrating how to create data-rich diagrams.
• Exploring the data-driven diagram samples that are included with Visio
• IT Asset Management
• Process Improvement
• Project Management
• Project Timeline
• Sales Summary pivot diagram
• Linking to data to meet business requirements
• Excel, SQL, Access, SharePoint and other data sources
• Creating diagrams from data
• Linking data to existing diagrams
• Dynamic updates to diagrams when data changes
• Modifying existing data graphics
• Creating new data graphics
• Business intelligence diagrams: data linking + data graphics

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