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Webcast: How IT admins document their network topology with Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio
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05/02/2016 | 0 | Video

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General Description

Network diagrams visually represent a network’s communication flow. Visio 2016 Professional enables IT administrators to create network diagrams so people can understand the complexity of the existing network and see which areas might become problematic in the future. In this session participants will learn how to use a variety of networking templates to document their network topology. Learn how to import and link shapes to external networking data; create data reports, data graphics, and legends. In addition, participants will learn how to use the import AutoCAD feature to display an integrated floor plan with a network diagram. This Session would be beneficial for anyone in Information Technology who uses or would like to learn how to use Visio 2016 to visualize your IT network topology data and take advantage of the new Visio 2016 features to maximize your productivity and share your diagrams across the enterprise utilizing SharePoint and Visio services. Webcast recording from February 2016.